Cocktail Menu

Old Fashioned

The grandfather of cocktails, a blend of select bourbon with sugar, bitters and a touch of soda water. Served over ice in an old fashioned glass, garnished with fresh orange peel.



An ever-evolving classic through the decades, simple yet timeless. DiSaronno Amaretto or Jameson Black Barrel, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, egg white with a cabernet float.



Originating in the Manhattan club in the 1870s, making a comeback over the last few decades. This is sweet yet stern beverage. Premium Irish whiskey, sweet vermouth, bitters and garnished with a maraschino cherry.



However you take yours – shaken, stirred, gin or vodka – it’s not a matter right or wrong, it’s your choice. Finished with fresh olives.



One of the younger members of the cocktail family (1970s) but by no means inexperienced with the big boys, yet a little on the lighter side. Absolut Citron, Triple Sec, lime juice, cranberry juice finished with torched orange peel.



Punch Light and refreshing summer drink for any time of day. Pimms, St Germain, ginger ale combined with mint, oranges and limes.


Apple Hooch

One of the first in the line of alcopops, but made fresh for your consumption. Absolut Citron topped with freshly pressed apple juice; maybe try it with some fresh raspberry syrup.


Pina Colada

The San Juan staple; the dreams or nightmares of a good old vacation! Smooth, creamy blend of Malibu rum, pineapple juice and coconut milk. Having it blended or shaken is the only decision.


Sour Apple Martini

This sweet and tart tipple is sure to add a zing to evening, like an after dinner palate cleanser or just a tasting drink anytime. Premium vodka, sour apple schnapps and a dash of lemon.



From the streets of Havana to thirsty souls around the world – one of the best known cocktails. Havana Club 3 Year Old rum, fresh mint, fresh limes topped off with soda water.


Sex on the Beach

One that’s been tried and tested over the years, that sweet and sexy combination that’s been putting smiles on faces on every tropical holiday – and let’s not talk about the rest! A mix of vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice and cranberry juice.


Bloody Mary

From the 21 club or Harry’s bar? Not that we really care, just glad it came to be, love it or hate it. One of the world’s most diverse cocktails. A concoction of premium vodka, tomato juice and some herbs and spices.


Espresso Martini

Morning, noon or night this little gem will put a pep in your step. Smooth, sweet with a good coffee kick. Freshly brewed coffee, premium vodka and Kahlua.



A vodka twist on the classic Caipirinha, premium vodka, fresh lime, demerara sugar and fresh seasonal fruit (ask server) served over crushed ice.

Frozen Cocktails

Classic Strawberry Daiquiri

Bacardi white rum, Triple Sec, sugar, lime juice and fresh strawberries blended together and served in a chilled highball glass.



A must for a sweet tart summer blended drink, Olmeca Tequila, Triple Sec, fresh lime juice and simple syrup all blended together until smooth and frosty. Served in a chilled highball glass.



Kettle One

Grey Goose

Dingle 6 Smirnoff


Vodka Fever

Tree Tonic/Ginger/Soda








Other Tipples





Patron Sliver

Patron Reposado

Patron Café



Southern Comfort

Captain Morgan