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A longtime ago a Barrelstore would be brimming with Barrels of Beer, Wine, Whiskey and other liquor. All neatly lined up and waiting to be cracked open and enjoyed. That's what we are offering you today in The Barrelstore on Bridge Street, a store full of the rare and wonderful and just waiting for your selection.

We offer you a Craft Beer Haven, laden with the finest craft beers from our county, our province and our country and we've selected some of the best from the USA and Europe too. We've sampling trays of craft beer to make choosing a favourite easier.

We are a Wine Haunt, offering you a range of 24 bottles of Red and White wine and of course the Prosecco and Champagne bubbles for all those special occassions. Choose a glass or a bottle - it's up to you! We are a Cocktail Den with an impressive selection with everything from martinis to a good Old Fashioned. Have a read through our Cocktail Menu while sipping from a coupe ... and get started on your wish list! We offer some fine and rare Whiskeys both from here and abroad. You'll find some classic, limited editions and truly rare finds like our Japanese Whiskey.... something to sip and savour.
And then there's all the liquor - for the Gin lovers, choose from Dingle, Tanqueray, Beefeater, Cork Dry Gin, Bombay, we even have a collection of Tequila...... it doesn't always require Salt and Lemon!
Come on inside and see for yourself what we've got here.

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